Best Hard Use Folding Knives of 2020 Available at KnifeCenter



Tired of wearing out cheap pocket knives? This list is for you! Get the best hard-use folding knives of 2020 here: Sometimes you need …

22 thoughts on “Best Hard Use Folding Knives of 2020 Available at KnifeCenter

  1. J1 says:

    not that it rly, matters, but my fave on this list is SOG SEAL XR… I just got a new Spyderco native 5 S35VN, and it's my fave folder so far, it's under 4oz, so very light

  2. Thomas Chainey says:

    Great video thanks.

    Love my 4 max scout 62 rq cold steel knife for my favorite heavy use knife. My EDC knife is the Snubby cqc 14 from Emerson with a full size handle and city legal just under 3 inch blade I am very happy with it. I love the grippy scales on both these knives even when my hands were wet.

    Best wishes to all and stay safe.

  3. Kay P says:

    Just use a chisel/wrecking knife. It won't fold on your fingers. It will be stronger. It will be cheaper. It will be more comfortable.

  4. bob2swpa says:

    Cold Steel AD 10 , it’s a beast , I semi retired my ZT562 for it and I love my ZTs. I sell and repair tractors for a living and my knife gets a lot of use. The knives you showed I like the Super Commander, SRK 1 and the Tops Buck collaboration. I prefer the Manix 2 when it comes to Spydercos. Great vid thanks

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