Best Fighting Technique | Street Fight

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40 thoughts on “Best Fighting Technique | Street Fight

  1. spurdo spärdö says:

    When somebody in school is getting into a fight with me i am just like i cant beat you then they start laughing and after dat i put him into a rear choke and put him to the ground and just grab his throat and start choking. xd idk why i told this

  2. Lucky Yiw says:

    master all the basic fighting techniques – Tai chi, wing chun, karate, judo, taekwando, boxing etc
    adopt your own advance/the best techniques/skill/art you like best and polish them again and again
    through your life time! Imagine you can just get hold/thump your opponent pressure point and he turns jelly
    or will just drop like been hit with a bullet! ho.ho.ho easy said than done.

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