Best Fight Scenes: Knife Fights

(ignore redundant title wording) The most common weapon to be seen in pop culture and carried/concealed by the everyday passerby or military personnel, …

37 thoughts on “Best Fight Scenes: Knife Fights

  1. greninja 987 says:

    1:49 WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD EVER EVER LET GO OF THE KNIFE YOU'RE USING IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT IF YOU'RE NOT USING IT!!! sorry, this move is just bullshit, he would have been dead if he let go of his blade like this irl

  2. danpt2000 says:

    Hollywood fight scenes are slow and boring. Keanu Reaves in Matrix? Stiff and slow. There are hardly any good fight scenes in Hollywood movies, unless they've been choreographed by Hong Kong Choreographers, such as Yuen Woo Ping.

  3. Jndthree says:

    Very nice mix here.  Across a wide variety of movies.  Personally my favorite is from the man from nowhere.  One knife scene that isn't here that I always thought was excellent was the knife scene from Needful Things between Nettie and Wilma.  Not a marshal art film, but the knife fight was so intense.  Check it out sometime, you'll dig it the most.

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