Best Fight Scenes: Karate

Being the most well known Japanese martial art (and practically a household name among all martial arts), Karate began as an Okinawan striking system which …

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  1. EskrimaTiger says:

    It's OK to include Chuck Norris, since Tang Soo Do is a Korean version of Shotokan karate. Shotokan was introduced to Korea during the Japanese occupation of Korea. After WW2, practitioners of Japanese styles pinned Korean names on their arts as a way of distancing them the Japanese. Judo became yudo, kendo became kumdo, etc. That whole thing about it being derived from ancient Korean fighting arts was just a clever marketing ploy. Other films you could have included are Kill or Be Killed, which included in its cast most of the South African Karate Association., The Last Dragon, the lead actor Taimak was a student of Chinese Goju expert, Ron van Clief; Under the Gun, which starred Australian Goju Ryu black belt, Richard Norton ( or his Rage and Honor films), Black Belt Jones ( or Enter the Dragon) since Jim Kelly was a black belt in Okinawan Kempo, Who Am I?, where Jackie Chan fights Kyukushin champion, Ron Smoorenberg and Showdown in Little Tokyo with another Kyukushin black belt, Doplh Lundgren.

  2. Grafight23 says:

    Great video! If you do another Karate video you may want to include the famous Benny t"he Jet" Urquidez vs. Jackie Chan fights. Urquidez trained (among others) in Shotokan, American Kenpo and Ukidokan Karate (which he founded).

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