Best Fight Scenes: Jean-Claude Van Damme

(Born Jean-Claude Camille Francois Van Varenberg) This Belgian martial artist is known for his perfect splits and incredible kicks. Jean-Claude Van Damme …

22 thoughts on “Best Fight Scenes: Jean-Claude Van Damme

  1. Severan Vallery says:

    Here is my concept.
    30 years later Frank has passed on and life has continue for the brothers. Chad is now owner and proposed of many gyms and workout centers for both woman and kids. Alex has become a father and husband and has twin daughters(Wwe Nikki& Maria Bella) but unfortunately Alex past life catches up with him and in a fierce attempt on his life he is severely injured and wife rape and death is intimate. Daughters escape and seek the assistance and aid of Chad. Chad being still the selfish California boogie guy feels his fighting days has past him refuses many many times. But as Alex goes from terminal to comatose he decides to aid the female twins in the rescue of Alex.. Just like both universal soil died remakes and Kickboxer remake we can again see the whose who of past and present action Hereos.
    Espicially names like
    M. Lopez
    M. Paul Gosseler
    S. Mitchell
    C. Rotherrick
    S. Kisugi
    J. David Frank
    S. Hung

  2. Severan Vallery says:

    Okay we've seen Mr. Van Damme come back in these current Kickboxer remakes. Plus in the past we've seen him return for some universal soil died remakes. But am I the only one that's ready for more adventures from Chad& Alex

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