Best Fight Scenes: Chinese vs Japanese Martial Arts



Despite historical conflicts between the two cultures, Chinese martial arts have significantly influenced those of Japan especially in the evolution of Karate.

28 thoughts on “Best Fight Scenes: Chinese vs Japanese Martial Arts

  1. colin rice says:

    To be honest here the Chinese has the best fighting skills and big cities to have fun at like Hong Kong and Shanghai the Japanese has the best food and good looking woman and of course Tokyo Japan their fighting styles are okay but not as good as the chinese

  2. Frank Caceres says:

    These two guys don't have a girlfriend clearly. Martial Arts is all they do. TRUE MASTERS! No time for anything else! I am impressed! You can tell these two guys dedicate! I salute you!

  3. Hunter2434 Jack says:

    Okay guys, I know you will shoot me for what I said but…

    Every martial arts has their own advantages in different perspective. It's up to how the learner used and how well can the learner perform…

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