Best everyday carry knife | The L.T. Wright Next Gen may be it

What is the best knife to carry everyday? Well, that’s a topic for debate! But generally, it should be lightweight, compact and easy to carry. It should have good …

16 thoughts on “Best everyday carry knife | The L.T. Wright Next Gen may be it

  1. Paul'ie 4X says:

    Say Heah, Definitely a great knife, But I have a vintage Blind Horse Bushcrafter that's just a little larger, In the bush I prefer a little larger, But for E.D.C. your knife Rocks. I think my Bushcrafter was made by LT, because it came out spot on. I had the handle made flat and I had the natural micarta polished, Its such a plain knife, that its beautiful., So that sort of elinated the Genesis that I would definitely get if I didn't have my Bushcrafter. But I did get the GNS, I got a sort of new handle pattern that LT is making check it out., What do you think.,,.

  2. Paul'ie 4X says:

    Say Heah, They use to carry a large/small knife then, and I find it to be my carry now. Ofcourse everybody has an opinion which knives the team up, I have Khukuri/Smaller Knife Combos, I even have a One Tool Option, But I don't take the training wheels off quite yet, Even when I go with a One Tool Option with my Ratweiler which I like alot, I still team it up with my Rodent Solution, Even though I mostly use the Ratweiler for most everything or my Johnson Adventure Potbelly with the Top's Mini Scandi. One of my Fav. 2Knife carry is my Rodent 7 with the Rodent 4 great combo, I also have similar Busse Combat in the INFI Steel like my newest Steel Heart Ergo and the Badger Attack Ergo also gaining to be one of my Fav's. But I also like creating Trio's that depending what season I might add a axe of some sort and saw. Basically a Trio like one of my Fav's my Rodent 5 or Bravo 1 or my Bokor black Rold in D2 or one I used out of the box it was in because of the Serrations and recently finding out Serrations made great curls when making feathersticks, Like Christmas in August soon to be September, I pulled my brand new Benchmade 156 CSK in D2, All these years in a box. Teaming them up with one of my Fav's 2Hawks Double Bit Hatchet or the three sharp sided Warbeast or my Hultafors Bruks 17" Agdor Hatchet or my G. B. Small Forest Axe, Anyhow just an example of my Trio's. I also have Task Specific Knives and also Lite Carrie's, Like my Mora 2000 and the Mora Hatchet with my Bacho Laplander, or my Case Set with tge Jungle Machete Knife as a Summer Ling Knives or my BK-4. But your absolutely right, Picking the right knife, I didn't start off liking the way my Mora 2000 looked or how the grinds were, But now it's one of my Fav's. So William Collins is making me a Dual Grind Master Woodsman a 6" blade and I chose the CPM 154 over the CPM S35Vn and the CPM D2 simply because it has more carbon and I can get a better keen edge on it. Lemme know what you guys think with choosing the CPM 154 over the other CPM's. Yeah, I adhere to Horace Kephart he said, "Get the best you can, Because one day it could save your life" If I'm in the bush with a conflict between man and nature, I want a good tool.

  3. Emory Bragg says:

    I don't know if anybody has thought of this, but you can not technically have a 90-degree spine on a flat grind. The flat grind comes to the spine as a v-shape, which the angle would be less than 90 degrees just thought that was funny

  4. schlooonginator says:

    Looks to be an excellent compact bushcraft knife. However, there is one detail that I think could be improved and that is the plunge or start of the edge. I would prefer it to be as close to the handle as possible.

  5. Ghetto _ Ghetto says:

    Hi SCS! Thanks for your reviews!

    I'll buy an LTW knive soon and still hesitate between GNS and NextGen… Is the NextGen long enough to chop branches down? Is your black, green or natural micarta?

    Thanks a lot for your answers!

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