Best EDC Knife The Best EDC Knife For $100.00 Or Less And 100% American Made

In this video I am reviewing The Best EDC Knife For $100 00 Or Less And 100% American Made! In my opinion The Best EDC Knife For $100.00 Or Less And …

23 thoughts on “Best EDC Knife The Best EDC Knife For $100.00 Or Less And 100% American Made

  1. Hauser Hooch says:

    I have a few benchmade knives, including a mini grip. But I have to say for best American made knife under 100 why wouldn't you go with a kershaw blur with s30v steel? Its twice the knife with aluminum scales and better steel. And before anyone says it, I'm fully aware I can get a griptilian with s30v, but it isn't going to be under $100 and still not as nice as a blur.

  2. Richard Blaine says:


    Overall Length 4.00"
    Closed Length 2.50"
    Product Weight 0.70 oz
    Blade Length 1.5"
    Blade Thickness 0.05"
    UPC 7-29857-99943-4
    Product Type: Folding Knife
    Body Type: Steel, 5 pin construction
    Locking Mechanism: Lockback
    Packaging: Blister Pack
    Finish: Satin, Black, Blue, Brass, Pink
    Edge Type: Straight 420j2 stainless steel contains medium quality carbon content. It has good corrosion resistance in salt free atmospheres and in most industrial environments. It is resistant to many chemicals and household cleaners; and, it is also a more durable steel compared to the 440 grades. This steel is used in making precision surgical instruments because of its sharpness as well as it’s corrosion resistance. Surgical steel needs to be treated in a very harsh environment to sanitize it. (The best folding knife for under $50 endorsed by an Airborne soldier). Currently it is used to make the frames of many knives on the market such as Benchmade. The 420j2 steel is also used for making knifes, daggers, and other instruments used in battle. This steel is often made into haircutting scissors and household scissors. The 420j2 steel is great for producing a fine and smooth polished blade.
    Blade Steel Type: 420J2:
    Country of Origin: Taiwan

    Original Key Knife Run was: 8Cro13MoV Steel from China Very close to AUS8 steel in comp. and was RC'd at 56-59
    Blade Shape: Drop Point
    Hardness Rc. 52-54
    Handle Material: Stainless Steel

    Now just to let you know that there have been some reviews on YT trying to spec this little knife as an outdoor EDC or urban EDC. It is not a survival knife in the purest sense and is not built for out in the field so many of those reviewers need to wake up! This is a novelty knife that works well on a keychain and is very well built and it comes in handy for the quick small things that one would need to do if they did not have a knife on them at the time. This keychain novelty knife is VERY WELL BUILT and for the money will be on your keychain for years to come and will and does make a great conversation piece especially to those people who are not into nor carry a knife at all!

    What Does Spenser Frazer Have To Say About The Key Knife: We have a saying that the best knife is the one that you have with you! Always be prepared with the new Key knife. This is the first lockback of its kind. Open up your awareness. We love the fact that sometimes we wish we had a knife to clean our fingers, cut a rope, open a box, sever a thread. Now we do… always. Our new key knife just might save the day, unless of course you lock it in the trunk.

  3. Scott G says:

    This is my favorite knife that I have not bought yet. I am not sure I fully understood whether the grip material used glass fibers or was glass powder. I think most handguns with polymer frames uses glass fiber in nylon, though there are some additional lubrication and bonding agents used. I think it is called Nylon 6. I know there is always some sort of debate on materials and simply referring to a compound material by referencing one of the components is not helpful. My experience with Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon (FRN) Spyderco knives has been very good. In stress tests, I have seen where the blade breaks before the grips (which have full steel liners nested in the grips). I have corrected some that call G10 a type of plastic. In G10, the glass fibers are in a fabric and it is much stronger than FRN. My gripe with benchmade is that many of their models, such as the Griptilian shown here, have very small steel subframes. Even Benchmade has started to offer G10 versions of the Griptilian at a much higher price. This year, Benchmade seems to be moving in a new direction, where they seek to address quality control shortfalls and introduce some products that are incremental improvements. For example, the Benchmade Freek 560 seems to compare favorably with the Griptilian.

  4. Jordan Hardy says:

    I've carried everything from Opinel to ZT, including a Mini Grip…But I always go back to my classic Case pocket knives..Doesn't get more American than Case. Hell, they were good enough for our grandfathers

  5. BigMeat Sunday says:

    the first benchmade I ever bought was the 551, exactly the same knife with the blacked out blade…. I still carry it daily ! since, i have purchased maybe a 1/2 dozen other bench mades and love them all….

  6. rob trevithick says:

    What, no love for the Compression Lock? I got one on Ebay for under $90. I know that price was the exception, not the rule, and Ebay is loaded fakes, so be careful.
    I agree that the Griptilians are fantastic knives, I have owned atleast 3. Gave them all to my brother over the years, figured since he is a Marine he could make better use of them than me. I get my axis lock fix with my 940 and 940-2, those knives are great, but steep in price compared to some others. Once I got over the sticker shock, they take a hell of a beating.
    I have also found that Benchmade's customer service to be fantastic, on top of the warranty, they will send you pocket clips for free and for a fee (depends on blade steel) will replace your blade. Thanks for video!

  7. backwoodstrails says:

    Great pick on the best U.S. made knife for $100.00 or less. Excellent and detailed information on Grivory. Funny thing, I was just talking with a friend this past Saturday over Chinese food about knives and the Griptilian came up.

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