Best Budget Knife Of 2020 Testing On Real Flesh & Bone + Knife Fighting Tips



Greg Tambone discusses knife fighting, blade testing, and edged weapon review of the most effective bladed weapons in the world. Mr. Bone also demonstrates …

19 thoughts on “Best Budget Knife Of 2020 Testing On Real Flesh & Bone + Knife Fighting Tips

  1. Morbid Mike says:

    Great Video Brother. Could you do another video on your Navy Black Power? Something along the lines of reload and weather proofing.
    Thanks Again for all you do here on YouTube. Very informative.

  2. William Neal says:

    "…I have to charge kind of a high price for my EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY HAND MADE WORKS OF ART…" HAHAHAHAHA!! Love it!!! Best laugh all week brother! People say "you get what you pay for" but when it comes to the awesome blades your producing, I say "you pay for what you get" and that sure as hell should be expected!

  3. calvin murry says:

    As a survivor of nearly a dozen knife duels ( served 12 calendar years in prison) , you are one of the few who emphasize that the knife in combat is a stealth weapon. Nobody ever saw my knife until it was in them. On the streets that knife coming at you don't stop. It's like a jackhammer. Not like on tv. And worst of all, you can get stabbed in the arm and your whole body hurts afterwards. Even breathing hurts. Coughing and laughing hurts . All over your body. Wish you were around in my young gladiator days. Could have saved me a lot of hurt. Good video.

  4. MonT- 09 says:

    Do a black powder demonstration for people that dont have all their rights and smokeless/modern for the others that rely on firearms and projectiles for self defense like fire both at pig and show the comparison that would be a awesome video see you shoot some smoke haha

  5. Pig Slayer says:

    Yes more videos please. Really liked the opening sentence and really liked the part where you say to pound the back of the knife through the persons plate carrier. Very awesome content as always

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