Belt Fighting Knife Defense

Using the belt as an improvised weapon, even if all you got is a belt between you and a knifer, your gonna feel better than nothing at all.

14 thoughts on “Belt Fighting Knife Defense

  1. wmpyr says:

    @Ghostmanpariah thanx bro, I've been very lucky to experience Filipino Martial Arts and a bunch of other excellent styles from all over the world 🙂

  2. blacksilkblacksilk says:

    Thumbs Up

    I think the belt is one of THE most underrated weapons of all time. Even today I can bring a belt in an airplane or a courtbuilding or in any restricet "no waepons" zone. I think pretty much the only place where they do not allow you a belt is if you are a prison inmate.
    So if you take self defens serious then IMO living knowledge of the belt is a MUST.
    Also a heavy buckle can make the belt into almost a half nunchaku.
    That choke is awesome in its simplicity.
    More on the belt please:)

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