Beginner Krav Maga Complete 30 Minute Class (Warm Up, Drills, Practice)



Follow along with black belt instructor Michael South and his students in this 30 minute beginner krav class. This is specifically designed for students training at …

28 thoughts on “Beginner Krav Maga Complete 30 Minute Class (Warm Up, Drills, Practice)

  1. Been There says:

    I am enrolled with them and love it. IT is easier to do when I have time, not when there is a class. I train with my wife and she is good. It is so much less expensive and so much faster to move up in belts.

  2. Kevin VR says:

    They rack the gun after a disarm: In America alot of people have a license or are trained to fire a firearm.

    For European viewers: Do NOT rack it or attemp to fire the gun. It is not self defense when you fire after a disarm.
    Also it may reduce the sentence the assailant may get in court: If it has only one bullet in the chamber and you rack it, and the bullet goes flying never to be found the gun is not armed, thereby reducing the sentence.

  3. Jari Norvanto says:

    Turning towards the choking arm? This week I went to a defensive class (not Krav Maga), and the message was to turn away from the choking arm, and towards the opening.
    There are many contradictions, motivations and philosophies in martial arts. When you practice 'blocks', much can seem sensible. But when you put the blocks together, they have to hook on, be compatible or even fluent. Then you return to your building blocks with a different, more pragmatic view. And possibly a bit confused. That's the learning process. Any method is good, except for the bad ones…

  4. Jari Norvanto says:

    You can grab the gun, but the first shot is bound to make the slide's front sight cut your hand when the gun cycles. Perhaps a small price to pay, if you evade/survive the first shot.

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