38 thoughts on “Becoming a Competitive Knife Thrower (No Spin training)

  1. Adam M says:

    great video as to be expected coming from you but I would like to just go in and I'm not ragging on you but when you're facing the camera talking to us do not wear sunglasses No matter how cool they look you got intelligent and fierce eyes do not hide them. it'll make me and other people listen more intently on what you have to say just a suggestion and by the way you had me for four months trying until I got that fucking awesome underhanded no spin throw you did in one of your videos down Thank you U'r one of my heroe's.And I would love to see more of U'r close combat knife throwing ect combination's video's!

  2. Devin Workman says:

    I have been learning a lot from videos and would like to know if you had any learning material that you have used to better enhance my skills. Really appreciate the videos, and any help you're willing to provide!

  3. jffrats says:

    What knives have you used for this competition? Are you going to do all the different matches? What would you suggest for the different matches for a beginner? BTW: awesome videos.

  4. Chase Johnson says:

    I've scene a few of your videos and it looks like you can throw with both hands… I was wondering if you started out right handed and then trained your left to be just as well/ or the other way around… Or if you started out amedextrios

  5. thewhitewolf says:

    Maybe I am wrong however it is strange to have knife throwing contests in tyrannical areas barely allow citizens to legally carry such knives / weapons. "Here you go, compete and then make sure to only to use that knife in your backyard forever"

  6. Xolette says:

    I like the humble advice! Jack Dagger echoed your same comments about those at the knife throwing competitions being very helpful and friendly. It makes going to a competition less intimidating. Anyway, good luck this year! Looking forward to your upcoming videos for the event.

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