Bear Hug Defense Fail – Options when you fuck'd UP!



This video is featured on the Combative Concepts online class platform. In this video we show you what options you may have when trying to escape from a bear …

37 thoughts on “Bear Hug Defense Fail – Options when you fuck'd UP!

  1. Cajunman Dick says:

    I've done almost the same take down ending with a choke or neck wrench, but the pressure points were something I wasn't aware of. You've given me.more ammo to work with. Thanks Sensei, your making my aikido more effective.

  2. Jason Stickle says:

    I learn a different technique once in the headlock I start walking forward then pull both his feet out from underneath him naturally you opponent releases the headlock to protect himself from the fall and putting himself in perfect position for a knee lock with a rear naked choke…

  3. McFab says:

    Lol as always Awsome stuff…the reason I'm laughing cause I saw you naturally push back his head while you jam his knee in…you the saying…where ever the head goes the body follows :)… Great stuff

  4. TRACEY LEE says:

    Two Thumbs-up, Mr Sly, This is one of your best yet, your on-camera personality and presentation is better than ever. Please continue on this path. Thanks for doing what you do so very well.

  5. The Duke of California says:

    So I have 3 improvised questions to get out and would like your professional opinion.
    Russia's systema's rear leg sweep to half guard?
    Go for the groin?
    Or the attacker's leg proximal to you is bent low to where a knee lock would be difficult; Instead pick the leg up from behind knee and sweep attacker back?

  6. John Chipman says:

    Great video!  Many details to watch.  Especially hand over face to expose throat punch.  Sly's thumb is under chin which prevents attacker from biting.  As he  peels back from under chin with thumb,  mouth can't open.

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