40 thoughts on “Bear Grylls Gerber Scout Knife Giveaway

  1. TotallyNotYoutube says:

    I like quite a few if your into weapons check out zombie go boom, if I win please contact me at Blackdragon.gc76@gmail.com
    I also turned on the bell and made it have the ringer I wish the best of luck to those who enter looking forward to seeing who wins. I want it because it looks nice and I can not buy a good knife as of now.

  2. gabriel says:

    I like primitive technology (sorry for typos) because it's really cool watching some one do survival I my self love camping and stuff so it's cool to see projects to keep me busy while I do so.

  3. Lachlan Smith says:

    Hi I really lover your channel, I'm from Australia and I want to start collecting knives but I'm struggling because of lack of money. The YouTuber I'll come to about is Joseph Pettus

  4. cheyenne scott says:

    Auqachigger// I really love his channel. He dives in rivers that are used by swimmers, kayakers, etc & find treasures lost by them. If he can return the items, he does. It's just really interesting at what you can find.

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