Batman Fighting Style | Combo Takedown Analysis

Hey FIT-GAMERS, In this special FIT-GAMER Fight Move, we take a candid look at one of Batman’s Combo Takedowns from Arkham Asylum. I’m calling upon …

21 thoughts on “Batman Fighting Style | Combo Takedown Analysis

  1. Brett Jackson says:

    Multiple forms of martial arts uses techniques that is similar ( or the same) to 1 another ( there's no classification): Tai chi, bagua, xingyi, shiao jiao, silat, kali, karate, aiki-jujitsu, aikido, jujitsu, budo bujikan and etc….In certain systems like aiki-jujitsu or jujitsu?! A strike( to the soft target) is always intiated before the throw, it's part of its core principles.

    Much respect! I like how you demonstrate a technique despite the difficulty. It really doesn't matter what art you train under. As long you grasp the mechanics of that particular technique "classification" shouldn't matter at all.

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