Batman Fighting Style | Combat Techniques

In the FIT-GAMER Fight Move, Batman knocks an opponent down with rapid fire succession of strikes! He first blocks the incoming blow, then counters with a …

25 thoughts on “Batman Fighting Style | Combat Techniques

  1. Ryan Chandler says:

    Loved the vid man! I have a suggestion for another Bat-Inspired Video, but it'd be less about the actual fighting technique and more about trying to do these maneuvers with a snug cape wrapped around you. I've always wondered if it would ever actually get in the way or if it's manageable. Or maybe a video about the "cape stun"?

  2. The HuskynatorMAN says:

    Exactly the way I expected it, the shoulder strike switch is understandable in soo many ways as going through speed demonstrations as you were it is better to go for the shoulder on practice as in a real fight that square palm strike to the face could do quite a few things for an advantage. It could (as shown in this and the games) knock them off balance, cause a nose bleed and cause your eyes to water so they are blurry for that final attack…..I did those 2 beginning strikes to someone a few months back and the way I did that palm strike did some damage as I did a panda paw palm strike instead of the open palm and it did cause a nose bleed along with tears and a black eye somehow.
    Nice work, Joey!!!

  3. Tyler Staley says:

    Yeah I really like asylum because as the series progresses, it gets faster and more dynamic, but loses in more grounded moves like this one, but I was on a play through of this the other day and thought "Joey should get to this game." It showcases what I want my control style to become, very dynamic, but also very space oriented. Also, you should cover punisher prison fight from daredevil season two as like a longer video

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