Bathroom Toilet Sensor Fight from Death Grip (Eric Jacobus)

What happens when a priceless coin falls into one of those annoying automatic toilets? Find out what Kenny and Mark do. Death Grip – on DVD/Blu-Ray at …

48 thoughts on “Bathroom Toilet Sensor Fight from Death Grip (Eric Jacobus)

  1. KingR098 says:

    No it's Zero from Marvel vs. Capcom 3
    No it's Ichigo from Bleach
    No it's Yu Narukami from Persona 4
    No it's Lelouch from Code Geass
    No it's Izaya from Durarara!!!
    No it's Vash the Stampede from Trigun
    No it's Kiba from Wolf's Rain
    No it's Sasori from Naruto Shippuden
    No it's Kyou from Haruhi Suzumiya

  2. Lee Jae Suemin says:

    4:43 LOL XD Johnny was beating the crap out of him in slow mo (well kinda slow mo) I knew johnny was bad ass but damn! Thats one of the reasons why I love him XD. I really want to watch this movie!!!!!

  3. Alma A. says:

    He will be amazing I love Johnny he is great at anything he does even his singing amazing band Eyeshine and Adam black ranger and in voice work bleach personna 4 the series he's great and a lot more

  4. Alma A. says:

    I see him doing better movies even though this one was good but he could do much better ones he is a great actor and fighter he should play Ichigo in real life the movie their about to make he will be good he already does the voice of him!!

  5. addicted2stangs says:

    it was pretty good but what was the deal with the zach galafenacis wannabe in the pig slippers seems like that character was a bit of a hangover rip off but idk i could be wrong i will still buy the movie anyways just to show JYB some support

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