BASIC Knife VS Knife Drills (Free Tutorial) by Luke Holloway

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29 thoughts on “BASIC Knife VS Knife Drills (Free Tutorial) by Luke Holloway

  1. Raw Combat International - Official says:

    @harr77 I get your point, but I don't JUST train civilians.. I trained members of Japanese newest Special Forces group today and I also train other Military, Police and Bodyguards here and internationally, including USMC so we DO have to think about these thing, 'gut slashes' are pointless in many situations because the enemy is most likely wearing armor if not possibly a tactical vest which does also offer protection.. just FYI πŸ˜‰

  2. harr77 says:

    The haters make me laugh what if he's wearing body armor. My question for them would be what are you into. Since the average citizen is going to run into a criminal with the will and not the skill any of these techniques will stop an attack.

  3. toes1965 says:

    Great videos mate think I may have watched them all back to back now. Very slick grip changes and like your no bulls**t approach. I'm a copper over in the UK and watching how you fellas handle them blades I'm glad you aren't teaching some of the knobheads over here lol. Keep up the good work

  4. Dennis nguyen says:

    hi LUKE tks for ur reply.u said u come to Malaysia pretty often right.well i might need ur i told u i have a mix martials arts gym in KUALA LUMPUR.i am looking to get a BOB from nobody has it and its very hard to get even from u guys have it over there???if so at what price??tks

  5. Raw Combat International - Official says:

    @kidshorin thanks for the support mate πŸ™‚
    I was planning on hanging out there a few days in between working with some Law Enforcement and USMC before teaching the instructor course in Baltimore.. But to be honest, I haven't had a 'suitable' host in Cali yet (MANY offers but genuine is another story) Seen as I'm in the area, if you got a place and a few people maybe we should talk more… πŸ˜‰

  6. Tom Jackson says:

    Sorry for being slow but when intercepting the attack are you pushing back towards his centreline or passing it to the side? In case its not already obvious I'm coming from a Wing Chun viewpoint πŸ˜›

  7. Raw Combat International - Official says:

    @kiekert2007 ahhhh a knew it.. someone watched it with out the volume! LOL
    Did you not hear what I'd been talking about?? THIS IS NOT Tactical training.. I explained that for too long, I'm not gonna waste my time answering this ridiculous question! If you know it all then post something better!

  8. Raw Combat International - Official says:

    @bunzombie Hahaha, you're probably right about George..but that old fella over the back is like 70 something and does 2hrs singing and running around the park in the morning.. it's really weird, he plays soccer and tennis by himself.. lol and then plays the flute, harmonica and some sort of opera shit.. drives me a little crazy but believe it or not, when we go another places there is worse things going on.. lol

  9. Matt Wilson says:

    very good drill sir…and thanks for pointing out that it wasn't a tactical drill..I'm sure you hate defending your stuff from a bunch of armchair senseis..but as always, great vid.

  10. bunzombie says:

    Love it. It wont be long before George starts making his own videos and you'll be a quest. lol

    by the way i'm an old guy, if you remember. old guys are old for a reason πŸ™‚

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