25 thoughts on “Basic knife twirling

  1. Colem says:

    Knives in self defense shouldn't be used to fight. Properly used, it should be used to kill, or wound. If you pull a knife and start twirling it, you lose your ace in the hole. An attacker shouldn't see you knife until it is too late. Very skilled knife twirlers don't necessarily know how to properly fight with a knife, and even if they do, that's only in a knife vs. knife scenario. Who robs people at knife point anyway? People with nothing left, who would attack anyway.

  2. harry giovanni says:

    hey guy nice vid, i practice now since 4 month and i use a automatic italian knife, im full freestyler, i really dont learn some basics, but i had good dexterity, but i cant practice all day bcs i need to cicatrize my right hand, i wana continue to practice this, but i need a knew knife (the tip of the blade is bent) maybe a heavy survival knife or fallkniven or both 🙂

    need some advice from someone who practice for a long time. thx

  3. kevin lim says:

    Dude completely for looks. The best it could do is scare the opponent into thinking you are skilled at knives which usually end fights. In other cases however it helps you switch grips without the opponent being able to react which is like faking a right hook and switching to another attack

  4. donta finch says:

    you can and people do fight with knifes. its bloody ugly and raw. people may not do it where your from but there are schools made just for knife fighting some of it was dumb down from sword fighting. but yes if your target doesnt see you then getting right next to him cant hurt. not saying stabbing people is ok.

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