Basic Knife Take away – self defense

Commando Krav Maga instructor Jeremy Jeans shows how to do a basic knife take away. This is a simple technique anyone can learn for …

4 thoughts on “Basic Knife Take away – self defense

  1. Ember says:

    totally unrealistic and unusable. try that when someones coming full force with the intent to kill, ridiculous. your hands need to be up, you get one parry and then get the knife out of his hand as soon as possible, go for destruction areas. avoid them situation at all costs if possible prior. ive done knife drills with my sifu and im getting tired of trying to find decent youtube material for outside study, this being one of them.

  2. jesse rissanen says:

    That just does not work like that. If he is flinging that knife like to kill he won't move the knife so slow and let him take it. when he attacks he hits your arms and take you out that way, you bleed to death. (yes that guard pose might be helpful you protect your veins,  but it does not stop him cutting and swinging the knife.)

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