Basic Knife Grips

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4 thoughts on “Basic Knife Grips

  1. Jeremy Conrad says:

    @burkecutlery No it was actually a plastic cutting board. They were very small chips. I almost couldn't see them, but they were very noticeable when I ran my fingernail up the blade. I sharpened it at about 15 degrees, so maybe I thinned the edge out a little more than i should've.

  2. Jeremy Conrad says:

    Huh. You know, I recently bought that cleaver, and I thought that the spine pushing into my hand was a bit uncomfortable. I was using the standard pinch grip, though. Maybe I'll give the "Chinese" grip a try. Thanks for the tip!

    BTW, have you had any issues with chipping on the cck cleaver? I had some trouble with edge chipping when I tried processing some sweet potatoes with mine, and I'm wondering if I should just have chosen a beefier blade.

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