22 thoughts on “Basic Knife Fighting Techniques

  1. David Lee says:

    A cross and christian flag in the background…. What a "Turn Off", people don't go to a Martial Art's Dojang for Religion…. This guy is a SICKO, and I'm not impressed with his abilites as a Martial Artist! 3:)

  2. Death to self music says:

    do you have a website or some way to get advise i started a tang soo do school in Michigan for inner city kids as a ministry to build confidence and self respect id love to be able to chat. your videos are amazing

  3. cdyjnthn says:

    They teach this stuff during force recon training it's not shit your just a fucking moron who will most likely get stabbed because of idiocy it's basic movements not advanced

  4. Dan 123 says:

    I don't. This shit wont take you anywhere…"attack me like this and I do this…"

    as Jerry Seinfeld would say, "yeah, thats how it goes down on the street."

  5. Horrormane says:

    A knife is not a non-lethal weapon. If you pull a knife, you have to know that you will very likely mortally injure your assailant.

    Hell, "non-lethal" with a knife means cutting tendons.

  6. brianxsmallwood says:

    Very good evasion skills in this video as your getting your torso/stomach completely away from the blade, also good striking areas. I would like to request you put up some videos of some Hapkido throws done all the way (takedowns). You haven't done any in the past where you throw your opponent to the ground that I know of because you didn't have any mats down at the time. Anyway, enjoy your videos, keep them coming. 🙂

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