Basic knife #1



Basic knife strikes: How to use a knife for self-defense / fighting with a knife.

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  1. xllab1 says:

    Nice video. Simple techniques. But just a question : I'm used to have a "knife-arm forward" guard position (it's easier to attack). And in this video you have a "knife-arm backward" position. Does it matter ?

  2. FLHotrodcop says:

    I have been watching your videos for several months. I have never commented before and would like to let you know how much you have helped me. I am a LEO and have trained with guns for many years. I have always carried a knife as backup but was never trained to use it. Your videos has provided valuable instruction that I take to work with me every day. By practicing these basic moves I feel I have a much better chance of defending myself with my knife. Thanks and keep them coming.

  3. Ton van Gelder says:

    Very interesting video's, i am training solo because i can't find any knife intructors/schools around here. What are the advantages and dis advantages of carry/use of a fixed blade vs a folder? Many thanks, stay safe!

  4. mwhich50 says:

    Excellent vid. Being a knife fighting novice, I thought my blade would be used primarily to slash or stab. I tend to carry 3.25"-3.75" (blade) folder: Pacific Salt, Rat1, Tenacious, etc. Do you think this type of knife is sturdy/large enough for parrying heavy blows. Pocket machetes are is a little impractical for Florida.

  5. mwhich50 says:

    @MrFairwarning There was a woman in the news last month that was attacked from behind. She was running forward while stabbing backwards in the icepick (?) position. If not sure whether it was the two stabs to the thigh or the one in the groin that made her assailant lose interest. She used a small pocket knife.

  6. jeffersontool says:

    I would like your opinion on something: In most states, if not all, the use of deadly force is only legal when deadly force is being perpetrated against you or another. Let's say someone attacks you with their fists and you defend yourself in the way you've described in the beginning of this video and they end up dying, would you have a legitimate self-defense case in court or do you think they would consider it excessive force?
    I've always been interested in effective knife defense skills.

  7. PatriotPrepper says:

    Great job MrFairwarning. Anyone who wants to defend their life needs to understand the basics of knife fighting. The basic techniques and principles are essentially all that are needed to defend oneself and save a life. Whatever techniques one learns, the key is to practice until they are automatic responses. You cover a lot of material in the 3 videos. I suggest that viewers take notes and do a little practicing. Once again, great job.

  8. boxingbox says:

    Nice Job, I like how you are "pushing Blocks" with a deadly knife a to defend your self. —–Great message—learn to protect your self first—not so much, learn to kill people first!——-People who attack people, need help fast and you just sent them to the hospital not the morgue!—-It's what the world need now!— "good teaching exsample"

  9. bae313 says:

    @GMGvanS Yes, through vids on this channel I have learned about the Espladas. There is a gun and knife show in town this week end and I am looking forward to getting my hands on one so I can get a feel. Thx, Take care.

  10. bae313 says:

    @GMGvanS As long as u can get the sharpened edge of the blade on the intended target with a chopping or slashing motion u will do fine. The Spyderco Military is actually a pretty long blade for a folder. Since I recently lost my EDC, Applegate-Fairbairn Combat, I have only been carrying my little Spyderco Manix utility knife & I am prepared to do a similar defense (though I may be more MBC based than MrFairwarning & thus, defend on four zones). My replacement may be a "Military" or large Espada.

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