Basic knee everyone should know – wing chun

Basic knee everyone should know – Wing Chun For more Videos Subscribe to me ➜ Wing Chun martial arts master teaches basic knee …

33 thoughts on “Basic knee everyone should know – wing chun

  1. To Rolling says:

    Wait Master Wong you don't use the wing chun footwork? Can you please tell me why wing chun professionals don't really use wing chun stance and wing chun on guard position?

  2. Shahriar Hossain says:

    Master Wong how to deal with a guy when he is coming running down towards me… like if I try to land a punch then how will I do or if I try to land a kick then what I will do.. ..or what else I can do…

  3. Hew Kuok Tung says:

    Master Wong, I am 14 years old boy from Malaysia and have been learning Wing Chun for 2 years. Have been following your video and learnt lots of great moves. wish I could meet you one day.. Looking forward to all you new videos

  4. Derek Staroba says:

    i have difficulty hurting ppl a lot and taking initiative. i just dont like hurt someone but i know i should and they deserve it. i just keep trying to think they deserve but its very slow process for me to come to grips with hurting ppl a lot. its not a fear thing (i like fear-adrenaline etc) more i feel sad or sorry. ill keep trying to "harness" my anger i guess and just keep realizing truth (they deserve for ex.)

  5. Mohi A. says:

    Master wong, you remind me of Krillin, im imagining right now if I can see a real Kamehameha from you lol

    All jokes aside, love ur vids, keep up the great work 🙂

  6. Ndubisi Emmanuel Abanobi says:

    Mr Wong I wish to ask this question, all the techniques of self defence are they limited only to the able-bodied men?, what about d disabled?, are they totally lost and left at the mercy of their enemies?, I am not one I am just worried about them.

  7. Subwoofer says:

    I used to think Wong was someone who was a joke, but the more I see his videos, the more his methods seem to make sense. Or more like his approach to WC seems to be more suitable for today's modern approach to fighting.

  8. Rudy Aguilar says:

    Straight up, Master Wong, you should try being a comedian as well… every time you give a lesson that's very educational, you always say the most hilarious things (and your accent is awesome)… love your videos!!!

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