Basic KALI ESKRIMA Solo Drills that will make you AWESOME!

Basic KALI ESKRIMA Solo Drills that will make you AWESOME! Be sure to subscribe and say hi in the comments. Also go to and join …

20 thoughts on “Basic KALI ESKRIMA Solo Drills that will make you AWESOME!

  1. Anna Peterson says:

    These drills have another interesting benefit. My husband uses a machete daily in his work and has long since incorporated these same techniques and drills into his work. In the US, the machete is not given much attention in terms of its original intent as an agricultural tool yet these techniques, when adapted for use with a working machete greatly minimize the effort and maximize the return (striking power). Any one who has worked with a machete to any degree knows angle cuts is what gets it done in the bush. When cutting tall grass here in Florida with a 22"+ blade, you need to remember that blade has to both start and stop. The momentum you build has to be stopped or redirected. Hence, the benefit of using these techniques and drills to improve your work.

  2. P.J. Pless says:

    Paul, I must say that your videos are amazing. I've been practicing Martial Arts for a few years now and I'm just getting into Kali. So far, I've started by studying your videos and watching carefully to help my techniques along. Boy, do they give your arms quite the workout. I've enjoyed my experience thus far and after studying and perfecting your techniques, I go back and teach them to my little girl. She enjoys every minute of it as well. I just want to say thank you and that I'm very appreciative of your instruction and that I look forward to studying more of your material in the future.

  3. Kali Center says:

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