Basic Big Knife Throwing



Here is the basics of throwing a big knife like a Bowie, it one of my favorites, to throw. I show how to throw a big knife from the blade side. Please read up and …

7 thoughts on “Basic Big Knife Throwing

  1. sticksnfists says:

    as a young kid, around age nine or so, i became fascinated by throwing weapons. my friends and i used to do the stretch game. stand in front of each other about a shoulders width apart, and throw a knive in the ground nearby. if it sticks they have to stretch a body part out to where it stuck. because i started martial arts early i was able to stretch farther and usually won. it is similar to twister, i guess. thanks marc for sharing! (kevin hand on facebook)

  2. john hoskin says:

    I liked your video very much 1 question and 1 statement, question first I use your style in throwing bowies (I live in ky all my life,53, and except I hold my bowie by the edge I always have since I was a boy,statement, what people don't realize is in the movies it's there not doing it rite or it takes a lone time or its just cg like I say I love your video keep it up

  3. Tobacco Tim says:

    i bought a break up country bowie knife, its got a 14" total length and an 8" blade and weighs about a pound. is this knife throwable? i ask because i don't want to do irreprable damage to the knife if i can help it. if it is throwable, i will practice with it, but i know all knives are not created equal.

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