BANNED KNIFE (M48 Cyclone) VS TACTICAL M48 KAMA (Throwing Test)

BANNED KNIFE (M48 Cyclone) VS TACTICAL M48 KAMA (Throwing Test) Enjoy,) -if you missed my last video, definitely Check it out: – Video with Banned…

32 thoughts on “BANNED KNIFE (M48 Cyclone) VS TACTICAL M48 KAMA (Throwing Test)

  1. Adam Celadin says:

    Hello My Friends,
    So Who is the winner in your Opinion, Kama or Cyclone? Dont forget SMASH that like button, share this video with your friends or Let me know what weapons we should compare in Future:) Thank you all for watching and comments, See You Next Time ,))

  2. Burhan Pratama says:

    You should compare Indonesian traditional weapons. Like Keris, Kujang, Mandau, Parang, Karambit (you already know this). These weapons are awesome. I think you'd like to try it.

  3. Team Nerf boss says:

    I love that nice knife I like how you perform with it and it doesn't spin around in the air there's a perfect precision I'm tactical throw my favorite part about it is how it Glides perfectly through the air and then it hits the perfect Target stop messing up and it goes through stuff like butter you got my support bro 100%

  4. Arthas Hastings Menethil says:

    I can't choose ! both are good
    Cyclone is extremely good at Stealth mission and Covert Ops like Spies, Secret Agent
    Kama is extremely good at open combat like you're in a huge area and need much more reliable, strong and fast
    but wel… NICE ! 🙂

  5. Bencer says:

    two brutal weapon together its not nice…its awweesome and we have a bonus you are showing us how to trow correctly. this is a real youtuber who he loves what hes doing. you are my idol

  6. Dibutil Ftalat says:

    Kama throw distance is easily adjusted by holding shorter for closing up. Thus you can cover 1-1.5-2 spins with overlap. More spins is possible but practically useless. Just remember when to switch blade back and forth 🙂 It would be easier if the handle was longer but as is works too.

  7. dragan jovanovic says:

    damnit,i again late for video.however,great video,like always. .hmm…i think that kama is pretty deadly becouse it has a blade like karambit,and almost everyone know's that karambit,and m 48 cyclone are deadliest knives in the world.. you have a sub from me.

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