Balisong fighting technique

Simple things to think about that I don’t really see mentioned.

20 thoughts on “Balisong fighting technique

  1. Kyle Kennedy says:

    yeah we cant rly do it in america either, its more of a street weapon where it will be used in situations that wont be reported to police, if a crackhead comes at u and u happen to kill em with a bali, u better not get caught cause ur goin to jail lol

  2. wmpyr says:

    thank you, I have a few more, but it's not my specialty, what I mainly teach for Balisong is for the student to learn basic sticks and then apply those movements to the Balisong, Karambit, or whatever weapon they want to use.

  3. varškėsapkepas says:

    It somehow seems like if you have enough time to make sure you hit him with the right side of the knife, you will probably have enough time to just open the knife and use it like a regular knife.

  4. wmpyr says:

    @MoeMoSislack pepper spray is kinda tricky to use, I've seen a few videos where it back fires on the police officers using them. Germany is also known for having some really good kickboxing schools 🙂

  5. wmpyr says:

    @poonmcnugget if your intent on using the balisong, it's best if you can cut them on the arm so you can run away or make them run. survival is more important than winning on the street.

  6. wmpyr says:

    thanx Jeff,
    I was thinking about you when I made this video. yeah me too, I prefer a fixed blade but I find myself walking around with a folder 🙂

  7. cutlerylover says:

    good points! I woudl prefer a fixed blade for any real knife fighting situation, but the truth is I hardly ever carry one, Im a folder guy and do occasionaly carry a balisong for utility…and beign a balisong fan I got real excited to see you had a new video talking about them! I enjoyed it very much like all of your videos! p.s. using the spine of the blade and the tip you can do some VERY effective rip cuts while retracting your blade away from your attacker after a thrust cut…

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