Balintawak Legend Gregorio “Goyong” Ceniza with Robert Cinco

Although, not necessarily part of Balintawak, Baraw Sugbu (Knife of Cebu) has the same roots that they both originated with the great Lorenzo Saavedra. Shot in …

21 thoughts on “Balintawak Legend Gregorio “Goyong” Ceniza with Robert Cinco

  1. Halabira Lapu-Lapu says:

    Mac Arthur said "…old soldiers never die , they simply fade away"…apparently, this old Warrior simply "has NOT"
    … and whereas now immortalized on recorded video , evidently "will NOT"…ever

  2. apachewolfscout says:

    Very, very, very beautiful style…I mean very, very efficient, nice training atmosphere, full of laugher and skill..seems good hearted. Can I respectfully enquire with all this deadly Filipino-Javanese skill in killing is there also skill in peace making…the laughter maybe says good heartedness there…do the skills also extend to stopping conflict, easing it, preventing it, making harmony, after all a life based supremely on fighting doesn't give much Back to Life…I ask this with due respect and interest in what is very obviously a Superlative Warrior Culture and with true interest, not with bad intentions…and knowing something of some Javanese roots where aspects of peace were keystones in martial arts training…My guess is moral, ethical and spiritual values do prevail, because of the great good heartedness in the training with Grand Master Goyong Ceniza, who seems like a Jovial Saint of Martial Arts…. but I do not know, hence the question! I enquire sincerely to help me in my journey balancing a love of fighting arts with concern for Peace on Earth! Please accept my true regard for this video which for me was very enjoyable to watch as this was one of the best martial arts demonstrations I have ever seen, truly memorable and super amazing, thank you and best wishes AWS.

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