Balintawak Arnis-( APO-Balintawak Basic Drills)

Balintawak Arnis with APO Balintawak Self Defense System performing 12 basic strikes, 12 basic defense, 12 basic defense and counter, follow through strikes, …

11 thoughts on “Balintawak Arnis-( APO-Balintawak Basic Drills)

  1. Apo Balintawak says:

    Hello blackhabagat. Thank you for your question. In APO-Balintawak, the stick is just the extension of our arms. Hence we can effectively defend ourselves even without the stick. So we can defend ourselves even without the stick. In fact it is easier for us to defend ourselves without the stick. We will share with you some videos of barehands against punch, kicks, and knives. Thank you for your interest. -APO

  2. Apo Balintawak says:

    Thank you for your interest in APO-Balintawak. We are sorry to inform you that we don't have any branch in your area. But maybe you can inquire in the internet if there's a Balintawak club in your place. You may also want to check out CASASAI (Combative and Sportive Arnis Association) since its Grand MAstet is my former student.

  3. Apo Balintawak says:

    Thank you for your interest and for appreciating the APO-Balintawak Eskrima Self-Defense System. We regret to tell you that we don't have a club or extension in Manila but you can always refer to our website for our address and contact information section. You will see the link in our description section.

  4. Antonio Guamil says:

    Hi Godbless I got interested after watching this and how I like that your style is simple and straight forward. Taga Paranaque po ako. Gusto ko lang po malaman kung saan po yung mga training center niyo, paki email na lang po sakin yung details about enrollment and other requirements Salamat po Godbless.

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