Avi Nardia showing KAPAP Gun Disarming at KAPAP MIAMI / TECHNON TACTICAL

Maj. Avi Nardia showing some principles of pistol disarming at a seminar in Technon Tactical. For more information visit: and …

14 thoughts on “Avi Nardia showing KAPAP Gun Disarming at KAPAP MIAMI / TECHNON TACTICAL

  1. An Drew says:

    It will not bite you hand. I've held the slide on several semi auto pistols and fired them to test this theory and it will not bite you. If it's a Berretta 9mm and you hold it tightly with quarter inch push back on slide it will not even fire. Some pistols will fire once & jam. Others will not fire at all. Never the less you'll be safe as long as you maintain weapon control with muzzle control during the disarm.

  2. An Drew says:

    Great video Major Avi Nardia. I love all of your instruction. The best self defense instructor in the world, IMHO. I think you and Moni Aizik are the very best Krav Maga instructors in the world who teach realistic, practical, and efficient Krav Maga for real world combat defense situations. BTW, we share mutual friend, Robert Redfeather, another legendary instructor & warrior. (Shalom khaiyal)

  3. ARCSSelfDefense says:

    As a Self Defense & Combatives instructor (ARCS Self Defense) and as a law enforcement officer with a decade of prior military experience, I have to say this is pretty good stuff. He touches on securing the gun near your body where you are strong..that is key to any weapon disarming technique. I am not easily impressed after having seen so many poor techniques on the internet, but this is pretty good. Good job here guys!

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