Automatic Knives Useless for Self Defense?

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17 thoughts on “Automatic Knives Useless for Self Defense?

  1. 12GaugeTommy says:

    Very good points any knife is deadly for sure but for self defense I personally prefer fixed or folded especially once adrenaline kicks in plus automatic knives are illegal in my state 🙁

  2. benthere422 says:

    Of course, fixed blade is best. But not always practical. OTF is least practical due to inherent structural strength issues. Folding auto is good (that's good not best) within it's design limitations. Manual folders are also good, although slower to deploy than the auto.
    So, just like with guns for self defense; pick one, learn it's limitations, practice and carry it ALWAYS.

  3. Chris Sproles says:

    I love knives, but I still don't think they are good for self defense.. The whole idea of self defense is giving you a tactical advantage to defend your self. It is my "opinion" that you would be better off if anything using the knife to punch and provide more impact damage/surprise/disorientation and run away, than slicing or stabbing someone. Sure you have well trained guys or gals who are karambit experts who can finish someone in seconds with it, but most are not. So if you take the stereotype of the lady walking down the alley and the mugger comes up from behind, even if she is able to deploy and get a cut/stab on the guy there is a good chance it will not be in the perfect spot to even slow them down. However, if they got a decent punch in they "might" be able to escape. Now… if you have enough time to reorient and make multiple stabs/slices without it being turned on your self, you would probably face legal troubles after the fact… as stupid as our laws are.

  4. Lugermonger says:

    I believe automatic knives are very reliant on quality and upkeep even a manual action folder can get crapped up to the point where it resists opening automatic knives require you to make sure this does not happen the quality is necessary due to the deployment being so violent so much energy in the system has to be controlled if the parts are not up to spec they will wear down quickly and become unreliable but with all of that there is a reason people choose to carry automatic knives the push of a button lever or switch is easier then a manual action folder less energy is required less muscle memory less experience less thought process it's no wonder why some people in Dirty Work situations choose to carry automatic knives

  5. 50 Stitches Steel says:

    Great points and opinions..I do agree but I have been giving OTF's more of a chance lately..You definitley have to be aware of that factor if you decide to carry one, and practice shielding and blading your deployment to limit the chance of that happening..Great talk

  6. FlamQ Dbltap says:

    All excellent points to consider. Are used to be an auto knife fanatic. Recently I have gone from flippers being my favorites to the benchmade axis lock being my favorite. Being a lefty my options are limited considering pocket clip being ambidextrous or not. Left a specific knives are few and far between, so choices are very limited. The axis lock and its derivatives from other makers are the solution for ease-of-use with right or left hand. Thanks for the video. I truly enjoy your channel and it’s content.

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