Australia's Deadliest Soldier: The Killer Commando

Paul Cale was sergeant of the Second Commando Regiment: an elite branch of the Australian Defence Force that suffered more casualties than any other …

20 thoughts on “Australia's Deadliest Soldier: The Killer Commando

  1. Complex says:

    these guys have nothing onme, i could easily enter a building filled to the brim with taliban soldiers, stalk the halls and silently kill them one by one with my katana blade.

  2. Free Man says:

    What he didnt say was the average Afghani is the size and weight of a Young Australian Girl about 60 KG if they have eaten unless they are a Chief.
    Google tribal Afghani's.

    I beat the living shit out of 4 rugby Players at Wadonga in 1999 when the attacked a woman who was a friend of mine, all were soldiers and i knew them and they were all 30 KG heavier than me and still are.
    Lead with a Knee if you miss extend the leg and if you still miss keep running Hit and run.
    No Ninja pajamas required.

    Country average height / weight / BMI
    Afghanistan 1.65 m 61.5 kg

    I was 1.5 kg out not a bad guess based on seen pictures.

    Average height of men and women worldwide –

  3. Free Man says:

    This is a child explaining Physics. Getting kicked in the head and having rounds fly past your head, the legs off a claymore cut the air and remove the hair off the side of your head i will take any day of the week especially considering it was a 7 on 2 fight.
    Passing in and out of consciousness momentarily as you fight to stay consciousness to get out of harms way would be terrifying if not the norm.
    Talking tough with a Empirical advantage storming Farmers Homes to install a Federal private debt Based Socialist Birth certificate Bonded slave Pharasean system wiped out 2 thousand years ago, only to be resurrected out of idiots egos for Pride, Pride comes before the fall pride is Ego. Ego is the Demon.
    Ex 3.

  4. Nathan EverLast says:

    Hi mate im worried for our people, Our Software is Now American Software , Our communication with 5G is American owned and now Ive just found out our own prime minister owns his own church, connected to Hillsong and Christianity with half a billion followers…
    Im not against religeon but our leaders should be of
    Neutral thoughts and not tended towards one side…
    Thankyou for keeping us Safe and making this country the best
    Country in the world even though most dont realise how good we are..


  5. C Man17 says:

    Ever thought how much Vice is showing and uncovering. But there will always be world's more hidden away from us.

    Good job Vice, your input is greatly needed and appreciated.

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