Australian Special Forces – Final Selection Part 3



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2 thoughts on “Australian Special Forces – Final Selection Part 3

  1. Perth Luxury says:

    It used to be a lot harder in my day, than what you're seeing now, I remember at the end of selection in to the regiment, (Swanbourne, not any of this 2RAR vermin) getting shoved in to some miners steel cage with bars on it, (stripped) and then plunged in to icy water from a crane and raised up only when I thought I was going to drown. There used to be proper waterboarding back in our day too, but it felt bloody good to make it!

    The old days of passing PTS near Sale would never be allowed today, it's how a few guys bought it years ago (DUI car crash). The culture changed a lot under Rick, some of it for the better and some of it to appease some of the PC/optics loving ruperts.

    We also got referred to as rangers on selection and even through cycle, one clown thought it funny to reference the 75th out of Benning in Georgia…. he only ever did it once and we didn't see him again.

    Us 1Reg guys used to be painted as snobs and we could see why, we once told the kiwis never to come back after a massively screwed up run by them in our killing house, they nearly shot their own guys and then drew on each other with weapons that they thought had been cleared but they still had full mags in!!!

    We once got to act as "advisors" (more or less cross train and evaluation) to the SAPS Special Task Force back before all the PMC outfits plundered their ranks. Those guys (from the pre 2000's) were polished for cops, they still are my gold standard for LEO HRT units.

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