Attacking Pressure Points & Nerve Bundles | The Art of Pain Compliance

This video is intended for educational & entertainment purposes only. ** Learn the location of hidden pressure points and nerve bundles and HOW TO ATTACK them to create MAXIMUM PAIN COMPLIANCE…

41 thoughts on “Attacking Pressure Points & Nerve Bundles | The Art of Pain Compliance

  1. LegendStormcrow says:

    Thanks for the PSA about the knife use. I'll have to think about it in case something happens and my wife is involved. I know I can but I probably could not 6 years ago.

  2. Jurij Klanjšček says:

    Blades are still in large use in modern conflicts. For example bayonets in both world conflicts, machetes in african wars, and so on. Look what's happening in Syria, you'll see a lot of cut throats. Sadly, victims are far more in number compared to medieval wars.

  3. Jesse Robison says:

    Ask yourself.
    Defend yourself with a blade and possibly risk prison?
    Or defend yourself for the best outcome for yourself,Because who knows what kind of violence the offender is bringing to the fight?
    I'll do my time to survive.

  4. Rimmy Justler says:

    I've always thought about what it would be like to cut another man (not in a creepy way). It must have been insane in medieval times to be in a war using a fucking sword. shooting someone from a distance is one thing and I think I could defend myself that way, but to attack someone with a blade is just crazy. To be right next to them and try to literally chop a part of there body off is unthinkable. The PTSD factor must have been insane in medieval times.

  5. caza18ful says:

    No one goes with a blunt object around the street…only bad or crazy people.Ill rather learn defense techniques with my body and know how to perform quick attack reactions in the oponnent nerve bundles. Be yourself a weapon.

  6. Raging tiger martial arts says:

    The reason for avoiding the neck strike was to keep it none lethal. The Kermit trainer is thin enough to easily cause serious damage to the wind pipe in the throat. Causing death. So to keep this video none lethal i remove it. i will be explaining all, this is one clip from 18 different scenario' that will be coming out in future video's. All these teckniqes will be geared for people who are not skilled fighters. But would like to defend them selves.

  7. Matth Tolby says:

    I took a helmet to the the side of the knee in football practice right where he described that nerve pocket and 2 weeks later its still sensitive to touch and hurts like crap if you bump it, thats a nasty one

  8. onlynamelefthere says:

    Yeah i think the same.. pressure points are great to mess with your friends, but in comabt really diffucult.. you miss = you loose,
    I am experienced too, and i would rather go for eyes or other points instead of pressure points, because it is so much easier and effectiv

  9. joeman80128 says:

    man great note on the vid about having a combat mindset all this stuff is worthless to watch if you are not willing to cut someone up! I got my wife a karambit folder from spiderco and she was asking how to use it. I had her watch some of your vids and plus I told her just pull it and start slashing up down up down and across the bad guys neck. She said she wasn't sure she could do that to another person? I think I need to get her in a class!

  10. P Hab says:

    I would say you are both right yes you can but I have also had so many people fail to get any of my pressure points or nerve bundles. With a tool its much easier but I would not count on pressure points for compliance or anything other than messing with friends. Some people are like me though they don't work hitting bone yeah to me though pressure points is just mean tickling unless you have had decades of experience. Yes I have experience I like there vids. Pm me if you wish.

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