ATM Machine Self-Defense Awareness

Many people get robbed at ATM machines. Here are important tips on how you can avoid becoming a victim. First, try as much as possible to use the ATM …

26 thoughts on “ATM Machine Self-Defense Awareness


    Makes me think of how in the past when I'd be out, and I'd see several males on my side of the street coming my way, I'd do a "reluctant" cross over the street, crossing diagonally in their direction, rather than straight across, to try and make it look like I wasn't crossing because of them!!!!!

  2. preparetodefend says:

    kind of reminds me of the time I saw those killer clowns outside the servo where I was heading to for munchies straight away turned around went home said to myself it can wait til morning awesome video Nick

  3. EarlyMist says:

    hell yeah. a guy pulled a shooter on someone using my local atm and it hit the news. quiet suburb in Australia and VERY unnexpected around here. atm is in the wall outside a newsagent….right next to an alley (shitty position but there you go). Ever since then I check the alley first with my flashlight (I would love for you to do more flashlight defense videos because its about all we can carry here without getting in trouble). Then I withdraw my $ and leg it. It is good to see other atm users turn around when I roll up to use the machine behind them since they don't know who i am. Some don't and just keep plugging away and I'm like man…I could be the bad guy…I could be that asshole right now or I could just be some desperado with a moment of opportunity with someone (and i have seen hundreds being withdrawn because theres a gambling/pokie machine pub on the corner about 30 metres away) who is so unaware of their surroundings and a bit or a lot drunk. Thanks for a well informed video. PS…you need to get both black and white skinned fellas in these vids or the lefties are gonna have a field day with the racism card. sorry had to say it and with what is going on over there it 'matters' 🙂

  4. Laytce ghee-price says:

    I don't know how many people know this but if you ever are in a situation at a ATM just put your pin in backward. The money comes half way out the machine and gets stuck and the police are alerted. It's sounds crazy but all ATM machines have it.

  5. miguel bigmigzpostrero says:

    that moment when i withdraw my money and 2 guys were standing in my both side.. and i shouted..*if you want to steal my money just tell me.. i got a 45 magnum in my holster right now/// and they leaved me… HAHAHA i fooled them… i was bringing my 9mm that time..

  6. Couz Cast says:

    Hi Nick, i just started watching ur vids today and i really like your style of fighting and ur purpose behind it. but i was wondering what type of martial art are u using? is it krav maga? im totally new to fighting and self defense.

  7. GraveRave says:

    So true. I used this kind of awareness in secondary school or high school, a lot. Still use it to this day, when I walk down a street, and I see a shady group of people I cross the road or take another route.

  8. alan spurlock says:

    we live in an age of credit cards. cash is not that necessary. i think it is foolish to carry more than a hundred dollars at any given time. i've had the same $15 dollars in my wallet for a couple of weeks. if i get robbed, they can have it. i will go home and cancel my credit cards and they will send me new ones in days.

  9. Arthur Ponzarelli says:

    If a shady person walks up while you are using the ATM, press the cancel button, start cussing and slam your fist on the machine. "Fucking bullshit! I was supposed to get paid today"
    An angry poor person isn't a good target for a mugger.

  10. Cristina Garcia Metzger says:

    Question; all the safety and self defence does it apply to everyone or could you do defence for teenagers, the younger generation I'm 15 and a girl and love watching your videos which help "a lot" I would love to see how us teenagers and lower age could defend ourselves

  11. Wreqt says:

    Reminds me of my heavy paranoia getting money at the Banco do Brasil in Sao Paulo. Once or twice I walked by the ATM, looked around and thought "nope" and just kept walking. Came back later, when things were less iffy.

  12. Rooroo92 says:

    I wish the door opened the other way, because then you can slam the door open against the guy on the wall fight over lol! Seriously though good video Nick, I like these types of SA vids.

  13. courtneybrad says:

    Also, dont be zoned in or talking on the phone while using one…This draws your attention to the phone and ATM rather than your surroundings…. If on the phone tell them to hold on and if something does happen they can call the police etc

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