ATM Knife Attacks CCTV Footage & How to survive (Knife Defense)

49 thoughts on “ATM Knife Attacks CCTV Footage & How to survive (Knife Defense)

  1. Nejstgaard Mattssonmusic says:

    i did this once. This weird looking guy was standing right behind my when i was at the ATM. Too close for comfort. i canceled and took my card and walked away. Don't know if he was going to try something but i didn't wanted to find out. Great video Luke! Cheers

  2. Genghis Khan says:

    Luke, I am a bit paranoid on the streets in the morning and when it is dark/getting dark. I eye down everybody who goes by and I always carry around a pocket knife when I go out at night. I even try to keep stern face and maintain a bulky posture (I am 220 lbs) and keep my hands in the pockets of my jacket, to prevent getting mugged or assaulted or whatever. Is this a good thing? To be paranoid? Or is that unhealthy? Should I be more-so cautious than paranoid and suspicious? Hope you see this.

  3. DragonDoper says:

    I think everyone should carry some form of self defence weapon on them!! like pepper spray or a sharp whip. At least then you have the distance between yourself and the attacker!! it can be far more effective the one 2 one close combat…

  4. Blade Kemp says:

    @TeamWuJin although the first guy was chatting shit, that was still a bit disrespectful – have to admit though, your channel is sick; good to see some realistic tutorials on youtube

  5. akpolska says:

    Smashing the knife? NO WAY
    I've been attacked by knife two times man this is bullshit, first time i ran away second i could just grip the knife in my right hand(nice scares from now on). It's not so easy in real life. But I still admit that theorically this sounds nice. With a smile a park and so on 🙂 I don't disrespect your skills, but ppl could be killed if they think they can handle a situation that ONLY a master could handle.

  6. pexpix says:

    you fucking ROCK! i love that real-street attitude, cos there's NO WAY you can be a pussy in the streets.
    I do Martial Arts myself and you know it's all flow and techniques and self defence, i like them, but when it comes to weapon defence, especially blades, my Master's attitude and way of teaching changes to a wild side..just like you did. i like that.

  7. moujik1905 says:

    You guys need to stop hatin' this guy Luke is trying to help people in bad situations and you geeks are asking him silly questions.
    Keep up the good work Luke! do you work in Ukraine?

  8. markmd9 says:

    one good advise:
    if you are not a master in some martial art, especially if the attacker has some weapon don't risk your life for 200 bucks (higher amount of money don't recommend you to have when you are alone), let him take what he wants.
    you may try to scream to make him to leave you faster

  9. useless_observer says:

    @thiswhitemanCANjump when I was more into martial arts, in both Bujinkan and Krav Maga, instructors said that according to x source (i can't recall what the source was), usually the one who is carrying the weapon like knife, is the one who gets hurt by it

  10. FilthyVirus says:

    @YesWeCantaloupe what???

    in any country in europe, if you're caught by the police with a gun YOU ARE FUCKED. The idea is to learn self defense, not walk around carrying bigger guns than the other idiots.

  11. Dreamscape52 says:

    @TeamWuJin Also standing sideways,look at your surroundings,make a point of overacting you looking at security cameras,I always stand sideways at an ATM,my left hand does the button pressing,my right I keep hanging at my side ready to react if needed to,I never mess around putting cash straight in my wallet either,my card and my cash go in to my pocket,ill deal with those when i'm positive it's safe to.
    Just be aware of what's around you,and be ready to act if you need to.
    Never be the victim.

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