#AskEJShow Episode 035: Multiple Attackers, Trijicon RMR Red Dot Training and the AR Bolt Carrier



Welcome to Episode 35 of The #AskEJShow! You ask EJ questions and he answers them! Ask Questions Here: …

19 thoughts on “#AskEJShow Episode 035: Multiple Attackers, Trijicon RMR Red Dot Training and the AR Bolt Carrier

  1. Drew Portdaven says:

    Hey EJ. I've got a question. What do you think about using flash bangs as a distraction in a break in. I'm sure there will be some damage but I could care less about that. Also I've thought about rigging up some sort of speaker system that I can hit play on that will provide some serious mental pysci against them. I'm taking really $_&-ing with their head. Let me know if this is stupid thinking.

  2. Brian Mccoy says:

    Yea it's quick to put 3 rounds in one and then move on to the other so I agree with you I'm not a fan of one for you and one for you, and then 2 for you and 2 for you….. lol

  3. chris crawford says:

    If you only have one round left in a six shooter after the first attacker goes down it's time to use the Tombstone methodology with the other three guys! Love your videos awesome info.

  4. IEatModels says:

    what video were you guys referencing that you had a good laugh off the guy for sometime? i went back an watched a few of your recent ask EJs and did not see it 🙁

    i've seen a few questions where EJ was just like "omg lol" but thats sometime back and they said recently

  5. Blessed beyond belief 1 says:

    Good advice EJ. Train for a determined attacker. I have fought some extremely determined criminals. Dont be caught off guard expecting the bad guy to be a coward. Not always the case. Plus you factor in mind and body altering substances and your coward could tutn into the freakin terminator.

  6. Ozark Ed says:

    There is indeed a sort of Mason-Dixon line in the Show Me state, but it's not so much geographic as it is demographic. The more rural, the more southern a person's heritage is, the more likely they are to say Missoura. The more urban and yankee a person's heritage the more likely they are to say Missouri. Then you add in a town like Nixa and most locals pronounce it as Nixie like Dixie. There's also an element of Scotch-Irish heritage in the Ozarks that evolved into a hillbilly dialect where we drop our g's and say things like mornin' and goin', and we add an r to words that don't have one such as hollow. In the Ozarks that word is pronounced as holler. That's how we know if you're not local. If you pronounce things the way they are spelled then you're likely to get a "you're not from around here are you? Where y'all from?" response. Welcome to my world. 🙂

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