#AskEJShow Episode 025: Military vs Civilian Training, Cleaning Your EDC & Perfecting Your Aim

Welcome to Episode 25 of The #AskEJShow! You ask EJ questions and he answers them! Ask Questions Here: …

38 thoughts on “#AskEJShow Episode 025: Military vs Civilian Training, Cleaning Your EDC & Perfecting Your Aim

  1. Chris Machaj says:

    EJ, what is your specific background? What branch officer were you in the Army? Did you deploy? If so, where? What was your billet when you were in? What did you do when you got out? I ask because you are very ambiguous in your biography, almost unnecessarily so- especially if your are going to grow a CAG beard and talk about training SOCOM personnel as the front line of your bio.

  2. AL_REBEL_70 says:

    Lucas gun oil is some good stuff. It doesn't burn off, evaporate or ooze out like most other oils. it's thick, so it stays where you put it. check it out, it's worth trying. It's the same company that makes Lucas oil additive and automotive oils.

  3. kommando92 says:

    Largely it doesn't matter, i like clp its general purpose except on sig sauers, manual says use mil comm tw25b so thats what they get. Read ur manual! I clean with clp and grease with tw25b. That stuff is the shit, best grease ive ever used but its expensive. IF u want high performance use Tw25b as ur grease. And clp or hoppes 9 will clean just fine and save u $ in the cleaners department. Mil comm even makes cleaners too so you can go all mil comm products but remember $$$

  4. GUN MEDIC says:

    Hey EJ, I like "Ballistol" for everything so far. I found it while watching gun videos and have like it since. It's almost like a oil for all uses, please let met know if you have heard of any reasons I should not use it. Thanks for the great work as always.

  5. phitausundown says:

    I've tried and really like the RAND CLP products. They have a newer HAWG, which is a grease, that I've had a good experience with this summer. I'll prolly just stick to the CLP for the winter, for the same reason as you with Frog. You should check them out.

  6. Ozark Ed says:

    I prefer the coconut oil over the olive oil. It imparts a slightly sweeter flavor…..oh wait a minute. I thought this was the Ask Emeril show. Boy I'm going to look pretty stupid on that cooking site with my post about Break-Free CLP and white lithium grease.

  7. tripp taratus says:

    EJ Thanks for answering my question I always agree with you 100%, thanks for explaining the difference in raid "team" vs the home defense side didn't think of it that way. expect me to contact you in the near future for future classes, extremely excited to get in on it. I am from FloRida, my apologies for not putting that. I haven't met Mike but wouldn't be surprised to run into him considering I hunt in Ocala all the time. phase lines are my major lol, Scouts and infantry definitely have a love hate relationship well talk smack all day long to each other but the end of the day were brothers, best friends, buddies you name it. thank you for serving love to swap stories at one of the classes, till then stay safe.


  8. Bobby says:

    That first segment was powerful and profound. He is so right on, I can clear an objective and I get to leave my destruction behind. If it goes down in my house I still may live there, and he is so right on, on the emotional aspect. Good stuff as always

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