#AskEJShow Episode 004: Iron Sights, Smith&Wesson sd9ve and The Best AR for Beginners



Welcome to Episode Four of The #AskEJShow! You ask EJ questions and he answers them! Ask Questions Here: Pipe …

12 thoughts on “#AskEJShow Episode 004: Iron Sights, Smith&Wesson sd9ve and The Best AR for Beginners

  1. Adam K says:

    If your getting into ARs, See if you can rent or borrow one and take a training class. Then you will be an informed consumer and really know what you want.

  2. discipled one says:

    As usual, you nailed it advising the beginner, "How much is in your pocket?" for the AR. When will we learn in the gun community it is your training that wins a gunfight (the best one is the one you can avoid) not your "Gucci Gear" as you aptly put it.

  3. Matt Van says:

    I really like your answer to the my friends say my gun is junk the wrong fan boy can really upset or even push away someone who is just starting out in the gun world we need to teach or help the new person out we need more people carrying

  4. brian vierra-gonzalez says:

    I have the sd9ve and installed the apex trigger and spring kit with a 20 pound slide spring and gun is flawless. I've put thru over 600 rounds and gun eats any bullets put in it. I also carry it every day. awesome gun for the price

  5. Zephyr R&D says:

    +legallyconcealed. EJ, I am Colby, Yes I am questioning a iron sight height lower then the suppressor height sights, yet still taller than the traditional height sights. Thank you sir for the answer and your time.

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