Arya’s Needle (Game of Thrones) – MAN AT ARMS

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31 thoughts on “Arya’s Needle (Game of Thrones) – MAN AT ARMS

  1. Kris Bright says:

    Why can't the official sold version of this sword have the gorgeous hand guard loop like they did on their version in this video?
    They didn't do it quite right on the GOT official licensed store.

  2. MrSIRAWESOME98 says:

    Dear Man at arms, My niece just finished her fencing classes and her birthday is coming up. I was hoping if you could make another copy of this sword for her it would make her so happy and fill me with joy that she could get such a gift. in case you see this please reply with your answer. -thank you.

  3. Dominic Audet says:

    They usually make pretty good replicas but they dropped the ball big time on this one, it is way too large compared to the show, I would say twice …. It looks good but it is not needle

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