Arya spars with Brienne – Littlefinger’s Dagger – Game of Thrones Season 7

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4: The Spoils of War Arya meets with Brienne and shows off the skills she learned from No One. Littlefinger looks on.

39 thoughts on “Arya spars with Brienne – Littlefinger’s Dagger – Game of Thrones Season 7

  1. Mac Potts says:

    Does anyone else think Arya made a "Queen Sacrifice" by losing Needle. That gave Brienne overconfidence and allowed Arya to get in close with her dagger. Sacrifice a key piece for strategic advantage a la Bobby Fisher!

  2. cas says:

    I think Sansa walked away with the knowledge that Arya is not just her sister but also a powerful Ally and someone she could lean on. I think littlefingers usefulness had run it's course and she didn't know how to distance herself from him especially if bran told her what happened to her father at littlefingers hands. When she sees what Arya can do she knows her prayers are answered. That's also why the hug bran doesn't give Sansa is so cold because of littlefinger until all three have had their time to reconnect.

  3. Jorge Gonzalez says:

    It's interesting. Arya's comment on why she doesn't wish to train with the Master at Arms implies great respect for Brienne AND the Hound, especially considering she wasn't nearly this skilled when she last saw them.

  4. neji hyuga says:

    Clearly Arya won due to her stunning attack patterns here where she basically disarms Brienne 1:59 , then after Brienne gets serious Arya instantly slices her knee-cap at 2:16 then proceeds to even Brienne's counter with ease.. Brienne then gets an opening and kicks her with the same foot that would've useless due to Arya slicing her knee-cap prior..

  5. Pj Whitby says:

    "Who taught you how to do that?"
    "No One"
    Watches again at 0.25 speed.
    Thus realizes at 2.45 how well they cast Catelyn Stark's youngest daughter.
    Puts Season 6 back in the player.
    A girl 'IS'

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