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This big art quest is on Artist Copyright and Fair Use , Coping art and what a new artist needs to know about copyright. This is not legal advice in anyway but can …

23 thoughts on “Artist use and Copyright #bigartquest

  1. cyn Ferada says:

    Hi ! What about "gifting" to anybody
    eg friends OR even somebody that we don't know but we think that they need something to cheer them up so we give them a free painting !

  2. Andrea Melissa says:

    Just a heads up (definitely not legal advice) the vast majority of attorneys will send a cease and desist letter before they file suit. That's because filing a lawsuit is expensive and even though these companies have money, they don't like to spend it on attorneys. If you get a cease and desist letter, have your attorney contact their attorney and things can be resolved without the courts. But again, not legal advice.

    Also, it depends on the market but I've never heard of attorneys charging $1,500 an hour. Normally, it's like $200-$600. (which is still expensive)

  3. Joy K says:

    Is it okay to paint or draw on YouTube old artwork, such as drawings in the old Sherlock Holmes books from over 100 years ago? As in practicing to draw but with the possibility of making money?

  4. Pat Morton says:

    If I paint a painting of my own, or of yours, and I donate it to my church for display, or for them to sell to make funds for the church, can they sell it? Am I in trouble for that?

  5. alsup2011 says:

    If a paint and sip uses your painting for their tutorial, i understand they need to get permission but do they have to attribute hart party on the website for that painting?

  6. Bani Sarkar says:

    Hi Art Sherpa, if the photo is taken for painting from a bought book ,does it cross the copyright? Please reply me. If so then I have to cancel the painting. Thanks a lot. From uk.

  7. Maggie H says:

    I use photo references a lot.  But I always ask for permission to make a painting, and I offer a portion of the sale IF I sell it.  I don't make a living painting, but sometimes people will see one of my pieces and they want to buy it.  I also print out a copy of the text, e-mail, or FB response to my request for permission and keep it with my painting.  Without exception to this date, every photographer has given me permission to use the photo and all they have asked me for is to see the painting.

  8. Bojana Šmidt says:

    Great info. So wait does that mean that I could theoretically sell the paintings I paint along as long as I make sure to credit you as the original designer of the artwork? I'm just asking because I have had people ask if I would sell paintigs I did but I didn't because I tought it would be wrong. I gave one away as a gift but mostly they decorate the walls in my home.

  9. Bitsy Cook says:

    I know you did this video last year but very helpful! Also I have done a few of your Van Gough! You helped this 65 yr old find a hidden artist, I never knew was tin me! I Still watch you and Angela plus taken classes at our Community Rec Center! Thx, Bitsy

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