42 thoughts on “Army Ranger Demonstration (Hand Combat) 4/4 1080p HD

  1. Demon says:

    As a young man with wrestling experience and a future in the Army, I bet i have what it takes to be a Ranger. After high school, I'm enlisting w/ an Option 40 contract. I have mad respect for marines but the majority of them are so damn cocky, lol. Rangers lead the way!

  2. Walter Segal says:

    Military hand-to-hand training is fun to watch, but a Marine or soldier has relatively little expectation that he will come up unarmed against an unarmed opponent (And be certain fighting against an opponent armed with a knife is nowhere near as easy as they make it look.). That said I also believe that extensive hand-to-hand training is very useful for infantry, airborne, and other military men who go into ground combat on foot. This is because such training is such excellent conditioning. I found that when I was still teaching letting my students do extensive free practice with each other appeared to result in better physical conditioning than doing calisthenics or weight training.

    Now I am a seventy-seven year old geezer who walks with a cane but still stumbles through the Beijing Form Taiji and Eight Pieces of Silk Qigong on a daiily basis. I also sometimes add a staff form to my morning workout.

  3. Eliseo Cinco III says:

    Judo, Jiu-jitsu and Aikido used in hand to hand combat may end up in a struggle or wrestling and grappling standing or on the ground, is it effective in real life against advanced Black Belts who may just be civilians?

  4. Vicki Bee says:

    This is what my daughter's godfather did in Vietnam. He never talks about it though. He's almost as bad as my brother, who's not even in special warfare but never says a word about what happened in Iraq. Which would be fine with me if he didn't ALSO take out whatever DID happen on me when he blows up at me for what I can't even understand but oh well. I just thought I'd like to know how the world my daughter's godfather can be over 60 and stop a mugger who had a knife, who decided he was going to attack what he thought was a weakling woman (which was true) and a defenseless elderly man (which I bet was his greatest regret that day.)

  5. Earl Schandelmeier says:

    I see so many stupid comments regarding the hand to hand fighting ability of Rangers that I can hardly believe it. If they were 1/4 as inept as you internet tough guys believe they would not be considered one of the world's most elite fighting forces.  If you people knew anything about actual combat and combat training you would know that it is impossible to adequately demonstrate it. Every movement and every action is intended to land a killing blow. This doesn't make for a demonstration worth watching for the general public. The moves are far too quick and over far too fast to be entertaining. I would cherish five minutes with any of you talking shit, you can show me all your death moves learned from watching late night kung fu movies in mommies basement. lol

  6. Qtip says:

    With due respect to military and law enforcement service they rarely learn Martial Arts or real combatives to any significant degree. They learn to react and fight as a team, which is the most important thing, but if you want to really learn combatives martial arts you don't have to be a special operator to do so. Military and law enforcement does not and shouldn't be viewed as teaching you to defend yourself. Sorry that just isn't the truth. 
    Still a cool demonstration though. It was theatrical like it should be, but there were a few legit technigues in there.

  7. Carlos S. says:

    Im sorry but these guys are not real Rangers! This was hard to watch. I hope everyone knows the difference between these guys and real Rangers of the 75th Ranger Regiment. RLTW!

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