43 thoughts on “armed fight Nepali Gorkha vs Afghanistani Al kayada

  1. Shai Sagar says:

    खुब राम्रो अर्काको देशमा रगतको खोला बगाउँनु तर देशको लागि के लुट्नु लुटे नेपाल मतलब छैन बिदेश मा रमाउनेहरूलाई अब सोच्नु पर्दैन चुच्चेहरूले देश बेचेर खानु लागे अझै बन्दुक बोकेर कति S,sir भन्नू हो !!

  2. StandSure says:

    A huge respect for the Gurkhas, I had the pleasure of working alongside a retired Gurkha a brilliant man and to do what they do for us British people it is greatly appreciated and honoured.

  3. HighlanderNorth1 says:

    These guys are a breath of fresh air. They seem to 'get' the concept of winning hearts and minds WAY better than many western military people. I've watched US soldiers operating in videos, and although some of them try and show kindness to the Afghani citizens, many of them seem to become arrogant, rude and seem to have allowed their physical military superiority to set them on a power trip, where they treat Afghani civilians with zero respect and they adopt a "what are YOU gonna do about it" attitude, after trashing people's homes after 'suspecting' they were terrorists. Then in the same tv documentary, they later admit they were wrong about their suspicions. But these Gurkhas are obviously trying to create a positive relationship with the Afghanis.

  4. Northern Cross says:

    Do the Gurkhas also also share the little boys like the filthy Afghanistan pedophiles do, do you all gather around for some good old fashioned corn holing , you stinkin satanic heathens……..

  5. rahul bhardwaj says:

    just one thing the video tells Gorkhas r well versed in Urdu that is wrong they r well versed in hindi thats y they get along with the Afghan . Great people they r both the Nepalis and the Afghan.

  6. Hugo Jones says:


    AAAALLLLLLL WHITESSSS ARE JUST COMPLETE SHITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Subash Tamang says:

    Nepali government r selling ethnic Mongoloid race to British n Indian government in the name of gurkha to fight in their favour in the name of sugauli treaty. How much u fight for other countries now is the time to fight for our own. The elite ruling class aryan bhraminchettri race politician r spoiling n destroying identity n culture of Mongoloid race. How much u become down to these aryan politicians? Now the time has come to think yourselves.

  8. James Taylor says:

    served with the Gorkha and my god they are amazing !! made friends for life! God bless you and thanks for the help you gave me whilst we were posted out in that dirt place we call Afgan

  9. OHO Videos says:

    Why are Nepalis sacrificing their life for some stupid regiment. British Laure, Indian Laure etc etc. Yo muji Indian ra Khaire haru chor fata haru ho. India can never be a good country, Indians must accept it that they are most racist people.

  10. OHO Videos says:

    hamro Nepali daju bhai lai arkako lagi ladauchan yar. pida lagcha. khas ma hamro ladai India saga hunu parne ho. so sad to see Nepalese tearing words for wrong peoples. jai nepal. gorkha is nepal only.

  11. ro hit says:

    Let me tell u Gurkhas are the regiments they r actually Nepalese people. It it totally fake that if someone call Gurkha from India, Gurkhas from Singapore, Bruma etc. These countries hire them because they r brave and fight what ever it takes till the end. The boys r very strong and most of them live in the mountainous region of Nepal .

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