Arm Bar – Krav Maga Technique – Self Defense w/ AJ Draven of KMW

1-800-KRAVMAGA – EPISODE 27 W/ Host AJ Draven – Watch as expert fighter and 3rd Dan Black Belt AJ …

14 thoughts on “Arm Bar – Krav Maga Technique – Self Defense w/ AJ Draven of KMW

  1. Transcendence Studios says:

    Thought i would point out if their thumb is not up and down. That will not break the arm. Good news though, just pull the arm away from the direction of the thumb. So if the thumb was pointing to your hips lets say. You would pull their arm against the inside of leg closest to their head. Less power but will break the arm.

    To defend the armbar. you would either grab your own wrist that is getting arm barred. "less powerful" Or you you can make the motion you would use for a rear naked choke. "If they were pulling on your right arm you would rap you left arm over the top of your right arm. Think sleeper hold." Once you do that, start to try and get your elbow away from their hips. If your elbow stays beyond their hips, as soon as your grip breaks so will your arm. The easiest way i have found to move the arm is to twist the torso and use your core muscles to try and move your arm.

    Ow also stack them.

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