7 thoughts on “Are Martial Arts Just Sports?

  1. magicbymccauley says:

    Oh one more thing.

    People think now that MMA is the "most realistic sport" in terms of martial arts. There was a time when they thought that was true of Kickboxing. Before that people thought it was TKD (no seriously, people believed TKD was more realistic because you could hit as hard as you wanted) and before that people thought Karate was the most realistic, and before that Judo. Before that, Boxing. People are always shifting in what they think is the most realistic combat sport. I don't think the bus is going to stop at MMA. In ten or twenty years something else will arise that will be the newer more realistic sport.

    (There was also a time when people thought American Gladiators was the most realistic sport)

  2. magicbymccauley says:

    I agree with you that you can't claim that TKD is a martial art and not a sport. There was a time perhaps when TKD was still a martial art but it is clearly a sport now, with well defined rules.

    TKD is a sport, MMA is a sport, and Boxing is a sport.

    Martial arts are not sports because a sport is a contest that is waged according to rules. In war there are no rules, and in self defense there are no rules.

    I agree with you that people can hide behind their dojo or claim they are too "deadly" to compete with anyone, but a true martial artist will always seek to challenge themselves.

    I don't agree that all karate and kung fu are "sports". A sport is an activity with well defined rules where people compete. Self defense and the art of war are absent of any rules.

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