Apache Knife Fighting-Founder By Robert Redfeather Training DVD Volume 2

Founder By Robert Redfeather Apache Knife Fighting Training DVD Volume 2 A Short Introduction of Volume 2. The 12 Strike Zones, Stabbing Drill’s, War Post …

14 thoughts on “Apache Knife Fighting-Founder By Robert Redfeather Training DVD Volume 2

  1. Mary Solz says:

    This (SAME) 13 Strike- APACHE method was acted out in 2 scene's in Season 2 of HBO's "True Detective". A Woman Cop was practicing the same method early on in the HBO serial and again later when she used it to stop A man who attacked her. Just thought it was noteworthy.

  2. Zaida martinez vega says:

    Are those kali techniques? I studied at the Inosanto Academy. They use the exact same angles of attack. In fact Guro Inosanto calls it the Juanito Lacoste system. Lacoste being one his (Dan's) most influential teachers. 

  3. An Drew says:

    The best knife combat art in the world and the best teacher!
    A true master of Apache combat arts and a venerated military warrior!
    Master Robert Redfeather is an inspiration to all natives, serious martial artists, and military field soldiers & veterans!
    Hoo-ah 4 Life! Much respect brother!

  4. bobby6577 says:

    I can understand some of the techniques. Sometimes a knife fight can go to the ground. I respect your art and thanks for posting it here.

    Robert from the Philippines.

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