Apache Knife : A Way of Life


30 thoughts on “Apache Knife : A Way of Life

  1. Boomer Taylor says:

    My problem is with the premise (not the name) of the "style" … Holding your perry hand up and close to body just makes it a target. Holding the knife in front of you, dueling, as the other person put it, gives no control.
    Perry hand low and out front, starting with knife at hip position, allows you to perry or hook with a useful apendage and striking from the hip position means intended target is more hidden to the opponent…. This is cool looking and very "old western" like, but I'd never train my students this style for actual defense. Take a look at Doug Marcaida's stuff.

  2. Matt Jones says:

    Anytime you hear about someone getting stuck with a knife where I am from, you know its from an indian. It`s easy for them to get a knife, steal it from the Golden Corral buffet line. You give them a gun and they will pawn it for booze and smokes.

  3. Hans Hansen says:

    how is this an apache thing? how does it differ from those billion other "styles" out there? i watched another video of yours and these guys were doing a 12 strike zone drill which is exactly the same we teach in FMA (kali/arnis)…

  4. Captain Harlock says:

    Very nice stuff. That is the style im the worst at, close quarters with only a small dagger. I guess its more becaause im not a real strong guy and im worried i could get over powered. When it comes to fighting with a blade I perfer two short swords(blade length 16-18in), Im ambidextrous so im good with either hand, I have twice the cutting ability, twice the blocking ability, and the opponet has to worry about either side.

  5. bobby6577 says:

    Nice video sir. We also use fiber glass knives smudge with lipstick in our training. I can see some similarities with our own art. I was taught by my grandfather. I hope you can post more videos. Kudos!

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