Ancient Shaolin Qigong from the Island of Taiwan



Ancient Shaolin Qigong from the 9th Dan Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan. Learn Buddhist Qigong and the forgotten art of Warrior Monk Neigong. Why Jiang Yu …

17 thoughts on “Ancient Shaolin Qigong from the Island of Taiwan

  1. Kenneth Peng says:

    Apology, the title said: '… island of Taiwan'. There's one mistake. Taiwan is an island, also a complete country. I mean Taiwan is not a part or an island of other country. Your videos all great.

  2. cooon says:

    I Still hesitate between the health or fighting course. Is the form with the iron rings part of the fighting course? I'm really interested by this form. Is this lohan or golden bell?
    By the way, where can I find this types of training rings?

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